Self Love

Healthy challenges that can help you develop yourself I think are great. This week I learnt to love myself by telling myself it’s okay to rest. I don’t need to try to solve or fix everything. Like it’s okay to rest and breathe. For someone who used to worry a lot, letting go and freeing … More Self Love

Week 1| Self-Love

To be kind, to self and others. Maybe if we learnt how to be kind to ourselves and not beat up ourselves so often then we can learn to be kind to others. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my perspective and make them positive and healthy. I encourage you to join the … More Week 1| Self-Love

Setting my intention for the 2017 kindness challenge

Hey how are you? We should al be active in changing our world by perhaps frist changing ourselves, our thoughts and habits. This is why I decided to join the 2017 kindness challenge I want to be intentional about living, about making a change and impacting my world positively! You may want to join this … More Setting my intention for the 2017 kindness challenge