Fruit boost

Hello. Happy New month to you. What is your day like? Do you have to leave home for some hours during the day to go to work? Remember to stay safe at home and outside your house. Remember to follow the guidelines given by all designated authorities on what’s right to do. Wash your hands … More Fruit boost

My smoothie stash

Today I am sharing about my smoothie stash. If I am not intentional about the things I put in my body, I may not give my body all the nutrients it needs to function and to rejuvenate. As with other areas of lives, career, relationships, I believe it’s is necessary that a person does not … More My smoothie stash

S U N D A Y DelighT

Happy Sunday I am working at being consistent with my blogging. If you are trying to learn consistency then you should totally check this post on consistency. Have you had your smoothie today? Guess what I am having via the image below. The year is closer to the end than to the beginning of 2018. … More S U N D A Y DelighT

Pineapple, Carrot and Walnut Smoothie — Lynne’s Recipe Trails

I just came across Lynne’s blog and smoothie. Her smoothie I think is different cool and rich but I also like her writing style. He has a great sense of junior I believe. Below is the post that got me to follow her. Check it out and I hope you enjoy her smoothie!   This … More Pineapple, Carrot and Walnut Smoothie — Lynne’s Recipe Trails