HLK blend of peppers, peppered chicken πŸ—

Food! It’s something that can bring people together, sometimes even strangers. You would find that food is usually a necessary item in many occasions or even day to day events. From the regular breaskfast, lunch and dinner to snacking to weddings, fashion events, baby and bridal showers and more. I also like to explore the … More HLK blend of peppers, peppered chicken πŸ—


‘You lie too, don’t you? ‘ It can sometimes be the defense a frequent liars tells them self. They think everyone lies and so it’s okay for them to tell a tale a little different or very different from the truth. One of the problems with an attitude like this is that because we often … More L I E S

S U N D A Y DelighT

Happy Sunday I am working at being consistent with my blogging. If you are trying to learn consistency then you should totally check this post on consistency. Have you had your smoothie today? Guess what I am having via the image below. The year is closer to the end than to the beginning of 2018. … More S U N D A Y DelighT

Like me please

Often people go around being weighed down by the opinions of others. Whether they admit it or not they want the appraisal of certain people in their lives. Some other people find their value from being liked by others and if they are not careful the obsession with being liked may lead them finding themselves … More Like me please

Free Opportunity

Recently I have been thinking about opportunity and how we may sometimes be more laid back about an opportunity that has been handed down to us, freely, than one we have to fight for. It’s made me reevaluate myself and realize that I have to be more grateful for the opportunities that have been handed … More Free Opportunity

Branding and Growth, Day One: Set Three Goals #bloggingbranding

Goal setting. Something we engage in from time to time or actually something we run away from, maybe because we wonder if we would achieve it or not. This post is part of a blog branding exercise that I am engaging in and for today’s assignment I am required to set or write out three … More Branding and Growth, Day One: Set Three Goals #bloggingbranding


We can relocate in different ways. In the physical or in our minds. One of the major relocations I had to do in my life was moving to another state when I got married. Having to move from Abuja to Lagos was a big shift. Many things made it big. I don’t think I am … More Relocate