This post is about Mentorship. It is more so about Mentorship from the position of the mentor than the position of the mentee. There are many messages out there asking people to seek out mentors but very few asking mentors to seek out mentees. There are quite a number of people with the capacity to … More Mentorship

My smoothie stash

Today I am sharing about my smoothie stash. If I am not intentional about the things I put in my body, I may not give my body all the nutrients it needs to function and to rejuvenate. As with other areas of lives, career, relationships, I believe it’s is necessary that a person does not … More My smoothie stash

Love is daily

Love isn’t just feelings love is doing. True love cannot feel without doing. So when you think about love today, I hope you think about it beyond today for any feeling that lasts only today and cannot produce results beyond today should be checked. Do not let the trading of gifts take away from the … More Love is daily