Networking The value of networks needs to be emphasized. Often we place emphasis on money and while money has its benefits there are benefits that networks brings that can include money and more. In fact often times what you want is not likely money but the opportunities it affords you. So the opportunity to drive … More Networking

New year resolution

Lights are so beautiful. They do not only illuminate, they also beautify. In addition, light gives us opportunity to see the dirts, things that are out of place so we can clear the space and have clarity. The picture above is beautiful. What plans to you have for a beautiful 2020? New year resolution? Some … More New year resolution

Merry Christmas

Christmas! The day we set aside to remember the greatest gift given to mankind. As I sat in Church on the 22nd or December listening to Elder Tomi give an exhortation of the day that gave us the opportunity to celebrate, I am reminded of the high price of my salvation. Here I am, barbecue … More Merry Christmas

Reckless or wise?

To those who always say the truth, how do you say it? I hate lies. It really irks me. I am a firm believer that the truth sets free. I think it’s always better to know the truth and often to know it now! But is that right? The fact that the truth must be … More Reckless or wise?