Love is daily

Love isn’t just feelings love is doing. True love cannot feel without doing. So when you think about love today, I hope you think about it beyond today for any feeling that lasts only today and cannot produce results beyond today should be checked. Do not let the trading of gifts take away from the … More Love is daily

She is: Woman

On the 27th of October 2018, I had the opportunity to attend the ‘She is’ event at This present house in Lagos. There was a level of healing that happened in my soul that was needed! 🙌🏼 Glory be to God. I would be sharing some of my experience of the event in this post. … More She is: Woman

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day. Celebrating womanhood and Mothers I think is a very worthy cause and course. On the one hand it gives us an opportunity to celebrate all the efforts the women in our lives put into making sure that everyone around them is properly molded. The girl child is often taught to take care … More Happy Mother’s Day

Bible Quiz: How long did Enoch Live/exist on this earth? 

Something you are reading or watching something and you have a eureka moment.  Like light 💡 bulb!  Here I am reading the Bible and the years Enoch lived or existed on earth, seems to make a correlation to a regular life event.  Do you know how long Enoch lived?  Hint: How many days are there … More Bible Quiz: How long did Enoch Live/exist on this earth?