Like me please

Often people go around being weighed down by the opinions of others. Whether they admit it or not they want the appraisal of certain people in their lives. Some other people find their value from being liked by others and if they are not careful the obsession with being liked may lead them finding themselves … More Like me please

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day. Celebrating womanhood and Mothers I think is a very worthy cause and course. On the one hand it gives us an opportunity to celebrate all the efforts the women in our lives put into making sure that everyone around them is properly molded. The girl child is often taught to take care … More Happy Mother’s Day

Fashion style: Male inspired, female, work look

Beginning of the work week!  What would your style this week be about?  Boss? Chic? Classy?  What color palettes would you be playing with? Quite frankly, I don’t always think about the theme, I should though, I just go with the flow. Sometimes the flow works and somethings it …….blehs……… flops. So I should say, … More Fashion style: Male inspired, female, work look