Seasoned fries

Hello happy new week. Happy Easter Monday! Jesus is the reason for this season and all seasons. ❤️ I pray you spend time getting to know him and appreciating all that he did for humanity. I have a question I would like you to answer in the comment section. Would you like an additional blog … More Seasoned fries

Happy New Month!

You, yes you reading and the person that comes to mind, will be fine. Just believe. I feel tired. I feel pressured. I feel exhausted. It’s all these negatives emotions and I don’t know what to do with them. The happening around the world don’t seem to help. How did my life become filled with … More Happy New Month!

Quick veggie noodles

Noodles I wanted. Noodles I had. Noodles are quick. They need vegetable to take up their health benefits though. At least that’s what I think. So here is my quick veggie noodles. Ingredients: Two Carrots (chopped) One medium spring onion (chopped) 10 green beans (chopped) Two cloves of garlic One pepper Two cuts of fish … More Quick veggie noodles


This post is about Mentorship. It is more so about Mentorship from the position of the mentor than the position of the mentee. There are many messages out there asking people to seek out mentors but very few asking mentors to seek out mentees. There are quite a number of people with the capacity to … More Mentorship