S U N D A Y DelighT

Happy Sunday I am working at being consistent with my blogging. If you are trying to learn consistency then you should totally check this post on consistency. Have you had your smoothie today? Guess what I am having via the image below. The year is closer to the end than to the beginning of 2018. … More S U N D A Y DelighT

Music food for the soul

🎢 🎼 🎡🎀🎸🎺🎷πŸ₯πŸŽ» There is something unique about music. Every form of communication has its uniqueness. You may find something in verbal talking that you may not find in poetry and something in poetry that you may not find in music. I find though that music is something many souls can relate to. ..Because they … More Music food for the soul

Like me please

Often people go around being weighed down by the opinions of others. Whether they admit it or not they want the appraisal of certain people in their lives. Some other people find their value from being liked by others and if they are not careful the obsession with being liked may lead them finding themselves … More Like me please


How can a person stand alone and be part of a community? That is the question. The answer? Well I don’t think anyone can stand alone and be part of a community. But do I need to be part of a community? That’s the next question. The answer? Yes You do. Why? We all need … More Community