Hello diamonds, Ignoring my ‘dry’ plate, the vegetable sauce was somewhere in the corner, how was your Saturday?  What are Saturdays like for you?  For me this Saturday was about, akara, yam, sitting on the floor at the backyard and visiting family.  On days you don’t have a wedding to attend, what do you do … More Saturdays

Hot potatoes salad

In the post about concentrated pepper and onion chutney, I mentioned that the next post would be about one way that the chutney can be used. If you have not seen the chutney post, please check it out here Hot potatoes salad. Ingredients: Potatoes, 15 medium size potatoes 3 spring onions 2 green pepper 1 large … More Hot potatoes salad

Concentrated pepper and onion chutney

I have always wanted to make a concentrated rich pepper sauce that would be ready for use basically any time and I set about doing that. This is a homemade concentrated pepper and onion chutney/sauce that you can easily make #DIY #Chutney #Sauce #Pepper. There is so much you can do with it. #Garnish. #Marinate. Sauce for #carbohydrate or #vegetable. Add to your #pancake … More Concentrated pepper and onion chutney

Vantalier’s Smoothie

My cousin, professional photographer made this amazing smoothie and she’s sharing. Below are the ingredients you need and how to make it. 2 carrots. -1 apple. One small bunch of lettuce. Like 8 good leaves. Cut out the middle stem. Its bitter. Wash all  very thoroughly. Skin the carrots and chop everything small. And throw … More Vantalier’s Smoothie