Peanut and oat milk. || Homemade

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Today’s post. Peanut and oat milk.

This is a fun filled and information filled post.

In an era where we are all trying to be healthy, one of the things people seem to be embracing is plant based milk.

When you read about plant based milk, it seems foreign or far fetched or something that can only be gotten at the grocery shop. While plant based milk can be gotten from the grocery store, it can also be made at home.

Since I enjoy exploring food and particularly trying out food that can be affordable I decided to make peanut and oat milk.

Oats are thought to be gluten free and can be beneficial to people who react to gluten. Oats are rich in fiber, have antioxidant properties and they are also thought to lower cholesterol level.

Ref: Benefits of oats.

Information on oats benefit
Information on oats benefit

I added peanut to provide additional creamy texture to the milk.

Oats and peanut
Peanuts and oats


1/3 cup of peanut

1 cup of oats

3 cups of water

Dates (Optional).

What did I do?

The peanut was placed in a cup and hot water added for about 30 minutes to moisten it. After 30 minutes the water was drained and the oats and peanuts blended in a blender with four cups of water.

Peanut soaked in hot water for 30 minutes
Peanut soaked in hot water for 30 minutes
Blending peanut, oats and water.
Blending peanut, oats and water.

The mix was blended for about 2 minutes till smooth. If you blend it too long it gets slimy because of the oats.

After blending I strained the mix using a sieve clothe and just like that, peanut and oats milk ready and just like that, you have a plant based milk ready in minutes.

I chilled mine for a bit before taking it.

Peanut and oat milk
Peanut and oat milk

So excited about this and for me this isn’t something that I just tried for trying sake, it is something I can modify in different forms and enjoy.

Oats and peanut milk
Peanut and oat milk

Have you ever had or made any plant based milk? How did you make yours?

Peanut and oat milk
Peanut and oat milk

It looks creamy and tastes so.

The pulp, the remnant from the sieve, what did I do with it? Throw it away? No no no.

I repurposed it.

I used it to make oats pancake.

The pulp, 1/3 cup of powdered oats, a teaspoon of cinnamon and one egg was added to the blender with a cup and some of the peanut and oat milk. This mix was blended till smooth and pan fried to make pancakes.

Peanut and oat pancakes
Peanut and oat pancakes

Deliciousness for start to finish. I added about 5 or so dates to the pancake mix to give it some sweetness.

Oat and peanut pancakes
Oat and peanut pancakes

It was moist.

You would notice I didn’t add dates to the full batch of milk but I added some dates to the one I was going to drink. So I put a cup and half of the milk in a blender and blended it with 8 dates (or so) and then it was ready to down!

I enjoyed it. I had it chilled. Tastes like milk shake. Yummy and creamy!

Peanut and oat milk sweetened with dates
Peanut and oat milk sweetened with dates

Would you give this a try?

Peanut and oat milk sweetened with dates
Peanut and oat milk sweetened with dates

I enjoyed making this and I enjoyed drinking the milk. See the foam in top, frothy, looks like and tastes like milk shake.

What plant based recipe have you recently explored?

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