Rice and roasted grounded nut Kunu.

Another week! Another blog post.

Today’s blog post is a kunu gida kind of post. Rice and peanut pudding.

Just before I made this post, I couldn’t find fresh groundnut in the market so I decided to try this out with roasted Kunu.

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Back to my Kunu.


A cup of rice

Half a cup of roasted peanuts


A cup of rice and a cup of roasted peanut
A cup of rice and a cup of roasted peanut

What did I do?

I soaked the peanut in hot water for about an hour. Hot water poured over peanuts

Hot water poured over peanuts

The rice a poured into a clean pot and I added four cups of water and put on fire to cook till done and soft.

A cup of rice and four cups of water in a pot.

A cup of rice and four cups of water in a pot.

After an hour, the peanut was rinsed and blended with about a cup of water until smooth.

The blended peanut was then set aside.

Once the rice was cooked, very soft, 2/3 of it was poured into the blender and blended. (The remaining rice would be eaten with stew).

During the blending process, water was added to ease the blending process.

The blended rice and peanut was poured into a pot and put on fire to reduce down.

The mix in the pot was stirred using a wooden spoon to prevent it from burning.

The pudding was stirred for about 8 to 10 minutes until it was the consistency I wanted.

If you look at the side of the pot, you would see how it has reduced down.

Ah it’s ready! Rice and peanut kunu or pudding. It can be served hot or cold. I had it hot this time.

I added about a cup and half of the pudding to the blender, with the dates, ginger and cinnamon powder you see above. Blended this mix until properly combined and served. I wanted a little more sweetness so I cut up some dates and added to the top.


I had this in the evening but it’s just as good for morning.

Delicious rice and peanut Kunu or pudding. Definitely worth the my time.

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