Banana and watermelon puff puff

HAPPY NEW MONTH! HAPPY NEW WEEK! Oh what a blessing to have come so far in the year. If you would like to check out healthier alternatives to food and drinks CLICK HERE.

My sister Mary was making regular puffs and so I decided we could make puff with a little extra personality and that is what I did. I made banana and watermelon puffs. You most likely have had nothing exactly like it. Or have you?Continue reading to note what I did and enjoy pictorial views.

Do they look like akara (beans balls) to you? This isn’t Akara, it’s the yummiest puff. Tastes delicious and there was no added sugar. If you do try it out please come back and comment.

What did I use?

2 cups of flour

2 teaspoons of yeast

1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg

5 ripe bananas

A pinch of salt

1/2 cup of Watermelon juice (warmed)

Vegetable oil (for frying)

Five ripe bananas
5 ripe bananas

If you have ripe bananas or over ripe bananas at home consider using them to make puff puff.

What did I do?

I used fork to mash the ripe bananas. The flour was sieved and items put on a tray so you can visualize. Yes. I take time to photograph some of my food experiments, so you can visualize and maybe try.

Flour, nutmeg, salt and yeast
Flour, nutmeg, salt and yeast

The yeast is in the corner of the picture and so is the salt but they are on the tray.

The ingredients, flour, banana, nutmeg and salt were poured into a bowl and mixed. The yeast was added to the warmed watermelon and this was poured into the mix in the bowl.

Banana and watermelon puff puff barter
Banana and watermelon puff puff barter

Everything was well combined, covered and put under the sun, to rise.

Puff puff waiting to rise
Puff puff waiting to rise

After 45 minutes plus, oil was poured into a pan and put on fire. The puff was scoped in one at a time and allowed to fry for about 3-4 minutes on each side then removed from the pan.

Banana and watermelon puff puff
Banana and watermelon puff puff

They may not seem as airy as regular puff but that’s understandable considering how dense bananas are. Back to the puffs, enjoy this one with a refreshing homemade orange juice, if you have. If not, water would do. Banana and watermelon have added something to the good old puff.

Have you made any changes to your puff? Would you share in the comment section the changes you made? Thank you. As at the time of typing, the puffs have finished. Yes, that good! 😀

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