Tumeric juice

If you have followed my blog for a while I hope that you have been encouraged to explore new drinks and mostly homemade ones. Oh before you continue reading, I would like to remind you to check out my YouTube channel. Just click this link, once you are done reading this post. HERE.

I am always thinking of ways to make the most of food and drinks. I would like to state at this point that for me, making the most of food and drinks does not mean over eating but eating well rounded and balanced foods in the right quantity and quality.

I find that making my drinks myself affords me the opportunity to have clean drinks with quality that I can sort of stand by.

Sort of, because I didn’t grow the produce or sell them but who knows, maybe one day I would.

Anyways I digress.

A quick browse through the internet, google in particular, shows that tumeric can help the health of the heart, work against inflammation and provide antioxidant properties.

DISCLAIMER: It is important to state here before I continue that these are statements from my research and they shouldn’t serve as backing for you to take these items. Always check with your physician and note your allergies before trying any food or drink.

Garlic is also thought to have benefits including improving heart health, blood pressure and helping to deal with cold.

Ginger is also thought to have benefits including helping with pain management, inflammation and nausea.

Why do I tell you all this? Because this knowledge, plus some more, that I gained made me decide to make tumeric juice.

Tumeric juice
Tumeric juice

What did I use?

About a cup of fresh tumeric

1/4 to 1/2 cup of ginger

1/4 cup of garlic

1 liter of water

Ginger, Garlic and Fresh Tumeric
Ginger, Garlic and Fresh Tumeric

What did I do?

The tumeric was blended with a cup of warm water in a blender. After blending, the turmeric was sieved. The chaff was saved in the freezer to be used as seasoning.

The ginger and garlic was blended with two cups of water. The sieved tumeric was poured into a bowl and the blended ginger and garlic mix added. One more cup of water was added and the juice was stirred and poured into bottles to be stored in the freezer.

It has a strong smell and taste!

What would I do with it?

Add it to tea or smoothie or just take a small portions in the morning or night.

Below is a picture of one of the drinks I made with this tumeric drink. To a cup of hot water I added about 1/4 cup of the tumeric juice, half a cup of orange juice (natural) and two tea spoons of sugar. Looks delicious and tastes the same. What interesting juice have you made recently?

Yay yay yay. I want to dance. I am doing good! So many posts this year and counting! I really thank God and everyone who has helped and encouraged me. Check out other posts on the blog and please share.

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Tumeric drink: Made from tumeric juice, orange and sugar
Tumeric drink: Made from tumeric juice, orange and sugar

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