Dehydrated tomatoes, onions and pepper sauce.

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Why? Because the taste is different and it should last longer considering it’s dehydrated form. Should bring the watch word. This one didn’t get to last so long. Why you ask? It was delicious!

So let’s get right into it.

Tomatoes, onions, tatashe
Ginger garlic thyme curry seasoning cubes
Ginger garlic thyme curry seasoning cubes

What did I use?

About four thumb sizes of ginger

A tablespoon of thyme

A tablespoon of curry

10 cloves or so of garlic

Three Knor seasoning cubes (should knorr make me an ambassador?) yes? Please tag them.

Tomatoes (13)

Onions (4)

Some shombo (like 7)

Some Tatashe (like 7 too)

A handful of red hot pepper

What did I do?

All the ingredients were put one at a time in the blender (except the seasoning cube, thyme and curry) with water. Once the components were well blended, the mix was put inside a bowl.

I put oil in a pot. Put it on fire and then added the blended mix and fried till the water dried and the content was well cooked. In between the curry, thyme and seasoning cubes were added. The mix was fried longer than a typical stew mix so that it’s properly dehydrated.

From that whole content on the tray to this gem in a jar. This can be used as dipping sauce, marinate or additional condiment.

It was delicious and I kid you not. You would find it featured in another blog post later on because I have plans for it.

Have you had any type of dehydrated sauce? Please share.

I hope you tell more people about the blog.

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