Natural homemade sweetener/sweet sauce/syrup

Sweets! The sweet taste is generally appealing but sweets are things we must engage with in moderation. Quite a number of people are looking for healthy alternatives and this is one way you can get sweet from natural rather than processed sauce. I still encourage you to keep it moderate though.

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This is something you can easily make at home and when you can make something at home, you can do it hygienically yourself and you are aware of all the ingredients that went into it. Knowing the ingredients can be important for many reasons including maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding allergens.


What did I use?

A cup and some of dates

A cup of water.

A cup and some of dates

What did I do?

My dates were really dried. I had stored them in the freezer for some weeks so I had to leave it in the fridge for some hours and then soak it for about 3 hours in water to allow them soften.

When the dates were soft, they were deseeded chopped and blended in the blender with water.

Dates soaked in water.

So simple. This way, I know exactly what kind of sweet I am using and how it was made. I would use the sweet syrup for a number of things including tea, oats, dipping sauce for fruits and vegetables and hopefully as part of marinate.

What kind of natural sweetener do you use? How do you make them?

This does not have any preservative so I would make sure it is stored in the fridge and used within 3 days.

What can this be used for? Any and everything I use sugar and honey for. I bet it can even be part of a chicken marinate 😉

I would be exploring other forms of natural sweetness so stick to the blog.


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