Those you mocked.

Those you mocked. Yes, today, let’s talk about those you looked down on.

If I have ever made you feel less than, I apologize. You can send me a message and we can address whatever the issue was.

Those you mocked

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How many people have you left behind? By behind I do not mean the people you are doing better than, I mean the people you cut off from your life. In a time such as this where self is elevated above others it is important to sit yourself down every so often and ask yourself if the trends you hear about every day are worth it? You have to ask yourself, are these trends of God?

The interesting thing about life is that we really do not know tomorrow, so some of the people you felt were below you are now above you. In actuality you may not have thought these people were beneath you, but you may have assumed that your life is more likely to be successful than theirs. And so in pride, sometimes obvious and sometimes subtle, you decide to cut off from people consciously or unconsciously assuming that you do not need them and couldn’t possibly learn anything from them.

I have learnt humbly and from experience, not just from reading, that God is the one who promotes. He sets people above as he pleases. So the history of a man or woman does not determine who they can or will become.

How about those you mocked? Like not passively but out rightly? The ones you mocked so much that they went into their shells and became nothing or they cried to God and became MORE? I like to share intuitive and insightful post on my blog and I think I would be doing myself and you a disservice if I do not share posts that make you look introspectively at yourself to decide if there are adjustments that you need to make today.

Consider the friendships and other relationships that you ignored out of pride and consider building those relationships again. I am not talking about building toxicity or building a relationship that destroys you. However I am asking that you sit down and open up vulnerably to yourself and leave all pride alone and ask yourself, did I treat A, B, C and D properly? I do not want you to become submerged in guilt but I hope that you review the decisions you have made with regards to family, friends and even colleague relationships and mend the ones God is leading you to.

Today, decide to leave mockery alone. Drop it from your habit. Sometimes you are the one who has erred not the other person.

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