Steamed whole chicken. Yum!

Happy New week! Happy New month. I hope that this second half of the year is filled with more blessings than you could have imagined or prayed for. Oh if you didn’t know or if you have forgotten I would like to let you know I HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Please check it out, like the videos you enjoy watching, subscribe and share. It would be nice to read your comments too. One of the things you can do during this period and anytime at all is take courses from home. Luckily it’s easier these days once you have access to a phone and/or laptop. If you would like to find out about some courses you can learn from home, click this link to check out Nexford University: click THIS LINK!

I have a nice blog post for you on this fine day. It’s chicken licking good. You must have read the post I made about steamed fish by now. If you haven’t, check it out here. I gave details about the home made steamer I used and I would not be dwelling on that in this post. So definitely check it out.

So. What did I use?

Ingredients for chicken marinate
Ingredients for chicken marinate

5 cloves of garlic (grated)

Two thumb size of ginger (grated)

A tablespoonful of curry

Two seasoning cubes

One onions (grated)

A quarter cup of lemon juice

Two and half tablespoons of grounded pepper

Three table spoons of groundnut oil.

One whole chicken (small)

Marinate mix (pepper, seasoning cubes, curry, garlic, ginger and lemon juice

Marinate mix (pepper, seasoning cubes, curry, garlic, ginger, onions, groundnut oil and lemon juice)

What did I do?

The ingredients for making the chicken marinate were mixed together in a small bowl (garlic, curry, seasoning cubes, ginger, onions, lemon juice, groundnut oil and pepper).

This chicken was placed in foil paper and the marinate was applied to the chicken. The foil paper was then wrapped and the marinate was allowed to sit for a while.

Marinated chicken
Marinated chicken
Foil wrapped marinated chicken in a steamer
Foil wrapped marinated chicken in a steamer

After about an hour, the chicken was placed in the steamer and allowed to cook. Once it was done, it was taken out and, you know the rest. 😋 Cooking time is about an hour and thirty minutes, especially if you use good heat source, like charcoal fire. The aroma was something else. Sooooooooooooo delicious and the chicken was falling off the bone easily. You should try a variety of meals or at least you should try to use different methods to elevate your dish.

So go ahead. Try this and get back to me.

Home made steamer on charcoal fire
Home made steamer on charcoal fire


Make sure that some of the marinate is placed inside the chicken.

Use charcoal fire, it makes the process faster.

Make sure the chicken has thawed well before you spice it. When it thaws well, the cooking process is faster.

Leave the chicken in the marinate mix for at least one hour to allow the ingredients and the chicken combine well.

Steamed delicious chicken
Steamed delicious chicken

Thank you for reading. I am so happy that you have stuck by the blog and it’s vision. I feel emotional that I have put out a post once a week for the last 6 months. If I gained nothing else at least I kept your attention and I learnt consistency. I hope you tell more people about the blog. I hope you also tell them about my YouTube channel.

You can find more food posts here.

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4 thoughts on “Steamed whole chicken. Yum!

  1. Thumbs up to you. I just have 2 questions
    1. Do u make some cuts on the chicken before marinating for better penetration of the marinated sauce or u just rub it on the body?
    2. The steamer steaming, how exactly is it done? I’m assuming u pour water in a pot and place the chicken in the basket so it can rest above the water with out letting water touch the chicken so the steam from the boiling water cooks d chicken? Is that right


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