Half way mark, Who are you making happy?

It’s the middle of the year. About 6 months gone now. How was your gaze the first 6 months? Did you learn or relearn or unlearn anything? I wonder the things you concentrated on but I hope you didn’t drown yourself in busyness so much so that you forgot to live. I would like to state that it’s possible to drown in the busyness of your thoughts and you have to check that too. Infact you could be home all day but still wake up the next day tired because you may have been drowning in not only busyness of the mind but being over occupied with your phone or tablet or laptop or television.

I hope you haven’t been so consumed with achieving set goals that you have become weary? Times when things are in such a heavy rush or at such a stand still can bring different kinds of anxiety. This time, this season, I hope you take out time to appreciate relationships that matter, relationships you can and should nourish. Take the initiative to call and have genuine conversation with at least 2 people in a day, I would encourage myself to do this too.

How is your relationship with your spouse? Mom? Dad? Siblings? Boss and colleagues? Does any of these relationships need reworking? What about your friends? Have you been so caught up with the day to day activities that you haven’t called them? Social media sometimes makes us think we have checked on a person but that can sometimes be so far from the truth. Do not assume.

This period, the half year period, I hope you reevaluate the things that really matter. Work on your relationship with God. Check up on your family. In fact why not call up some friends or family members and invite them to do a zoom call with you or pray together and worship over the phone or dance together or laugh or play a game. If you chose the game option, I advice you keep it moderate.

Relationships are so important. Don’t be caught up in the maze of ‘so much’ that you forget to treasure all the blessings around.

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