Steamed delicious fish using homemade steamer.

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Over to the day’s post. That’s right. You read well. Home made steamer. I wanted to eat well marinated delicious fish and the ovens had issues and I didn’t have a steamer. So I used a home made one.

What did I use?

Two whole fish 🐟 N1,000 worth ($2.8).

Two tablespoonful of grounded pepper

Two table spoons of curry powder

Nine cloves of garlic (grated)

Ginger about the size of two thumbs (grated).

Seasoning cubes

30mls of lemon juice

Three tablespoons of groundnut oil

Two whole fish
Knorr seasoning cubes, curry, garlic, ginger, pepper and lemon juice.

What did I do?

The fish was washed and the insides cleaned. After cleaning the fish, I mixed the knorr seasoning cubes, curry, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, pepper and groundnut oil together. This marinate mix was then added to the fish.

Marinated fish

I went on to make my homemade steamer using a colander, pot and the lid of the pot. The basket wouldn’t fit well into the pot, so I used foil paper to cover the sides. Water was poured into the pot and the water level was kept below the bottom of the basket level. The fish was then individually wrapped in foil paper and placed in the steamer.

Colander/basket in a pot
Homemade steamer
Marinated fish and yam

I added long cuts of yam to the marinated fish before wrapping up the foil paper so that I can enjoy it with the fish.

I allowed the fish and yam to steam for 1hour and 15 minutes.

Foil wrapped fish and yam in home made steamer

At 1hour 15 minutes it was cooked but I left it for an extra 10 minutes to get the yam even softer!

My goodness it tasted delicious! You have to try it!

Delicious steamed fish and yam
Steamed fish and yam!

I would like to know if you have ever used a homemade steamer and what you made with it. You can respond in the comment section. Like this post. Comment under this post and Share this post. You can find more food posts here.

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