Over night oats

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Today’s post: Over night oats. A no cook meal that’s filling. If you are looking for an easy prep meal that you can have in the morning and that would fill you up, this may be an option.

Start with the empty jar.

So what did I use?

Three quarter cup of yoghurt

Half cup of oats

Five dates

Toppings (optional): chopped avocado, grated carrot, chopped apple, two tablespoons of chia seed and groundnut.

What did I do?

I poured the oats into the jar.

Then added the yoghurt and stirred.

The dates were soaked in water, deseeded, chopped, added to the jar, stirred and put in the fridge. This was left over night.

The next morning, I brought it out. Poured into a bowl and added the toppings. Like I said, filling! You can ignore the toppings all together or chose whatever toppings you would prefer or that you have available. It could be strawberry, apple or even some chocolate shavings or chips. Ever made overnight oat? What toppings did you use?

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