Tea sweetened with pineapple juice.

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Happy New Month to you. Take advantage of the new month feeling to make some new and renewed strides. I am hoping you have a blessed and fulfilling June. One of the things you can do is take on a new course. If you would like to explore that possibility then check out Nexford University. What new hopes do you have for this month or the rest of the year? Please share, I may be able to say a prayer for you.

This is not my first tea post. I made one a while ago and I enjoyed it. It inspired me to make another one. If you haven’t yet seen that post, click the link below. You can check out the last cold brewed tea post I did HERE. In a time when hot and warm drinks are the in thing, it is a good time to have a tea post, on my blog. Not just any ordinary tea but one sweetened with natural sugars from fruit, in this case, pineapple.

The tea I share today isn’t cold brewed though as it was not brewed with cold water. I made regular tea with hot water and vanilla tea bag but I didn’t want to drink it anymore so I allowed it to cool down and put it in the fridge and left it over night. I already had home made pineapple juice in the freezer. Basically pineapple was blended with water till it was smooth. The pineapple blend was poured into a bottle and stored in the freezer. This pineapple blend was taken out of the freezer in the morning and allowed to defrost and melt. The tea was taken out of the fridge and the defrosted pineapple blend was poured into the tea till the jar was full. Quite simple? I think so too. Don’t belittle simple though. Still tastes great. So can you have this tea hot and warm too? Definitely. It’s almost as if you get the detox effect of tea and the nutritional benefits of pineapple.

The look alone is inviting, even if I say so myself.

After pouring in the pineapple, I closed the jar and shook the mix.

It was then poured into a liquid bottle and I was ready to go. It was such a delicious tea. You should try it. Have you had cold brewed tea or cold tea in any form? Did you make it yourself and how do you prefer your cold tea? Please share in the comment section.

Today, make yourself a nice cup of tea and enjoy your day. Thank you for reading. It’s exciting to have you here. Share the post. Like the post. Comment on the post. Subscribe and share with everyone you can.

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