Strawberry and Oats pancake

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Strawberry and Oats pancakes
Strawberry and oats pancake

Do you like pancakes? You should definitely try this. It doesn’t feel like boring healthy food. It’s delicious. It tasted good.

So what did I use?

Two cups of Oats

Two eggs

Half cup of strawberry smoothie

10 dates

1 table spoon of baking powder

2 table spoon of vegetable oil

Half cup of water

Oats, strawberry smoothie, eggs and dates
Oats, strawberry smoothie, eggs and dates

How did I make it?

I added the wet ingredients to the blender and blended. The wet ingredients were eggs, strawberry smoothie, vegetable oil and some water. The dates were added after the wet ingredients had blended well. These dates were first deseeded and soaked in water. You should have them soak for 30 minutes or longer, till they are soft.

Wet mix
Wet mix

When the wet ingredients and dates had combined well in the blender, I poured some of the mix into a bowl. I did this because the blender’s capacity was smaller than the quantity I was mixing and also to ease the mixing process.

To the remaining wet mix blend in the blender, the baking powder and more than half of the oats was added and blended. Wet mix from the bowl was also added to further ease the mixing process. When the mix, that the blender had the capacity to hold was well combined, it was poured into the bowl and the remaining oats added and mixed.

The oats was properly stirred into the mix and the batter was ready to be fried.

Strawberry and oats pancake mix
Strawberry and oats pancake mix

Time to fry the cakes!

One table spoon of vegetable oil was added to a pan, once the oil was hot, a big scoop of the batter mix was added to the pan. You are allowed to use your old frying pan.

After 2 minutes, it was flipped and allowed to cook for another minute or two.

I like to make marks so that when I flip it back it cooks through.

I flip the pancake back again and allow to cook for one minute.

Strawberry and oats pancakes
Strawberry and oats pancakes.

And there you have it! Strawberry and oats pancakes. No added sugar. Looks good and tastes even better. Ever made oats pancakes. How do you make yours? You should try it out. The first half of the year is almost gone. What are your hopes as the first half of the year is drawing to a close?

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