Oat and dates pancakes 🥞

How are you? How are you holding up? I find that food blogs and vlogs are interesting ways to let time pass while getting inspired on what to make for your next meal. So today. I have a food post.

Oats and dates pancakes. Yes. Date with the oats. Oats with the dates. Dry humor but humor nonetheless. If you are thinking of a breakfast, brunch, or snack idea, this is a post for you. It is also something you can make and pack up as food for your lunch break at work or school because it’s essentially a meal you can enjoy warm and cold.

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I know! The picture is beautiful and it tasted delicious too. Everyone that tasted it enjoyed it! Even kids like it! So shall we say it’s a healthy crowd-pleaser? I would let you try it out and decide that.


2 cups of Oat

12 dates

2 eggs

250 MLS of Soya milk

150 MLS of water

Vegetable oil

How I made the pancakes:

The oat was added to a clean empty blender. Eggs were broken into a bowl and added to the oats.

Dates were washed, deseeded, and soaked in water for some minutes. I didn’t soak mine long enough so they were a bit hard, because they were stored in the freezer. You should soak yours longer so they blend easily. After some minutes of soaking, the dates were cut and added to the blender

Then 250mls of Soya milk were measured and added to the blender too.

I had to use a spoon to move the oats around to allow the milk to sip down for easy blending. The mix was blended and water or more Soya milk was added intermittently to ease the blending process. Once the mixture was smooth and flowy but still of acceptable thickness, the blending process was stopped. About two spoons of vegetable oil were put in a pan on the stove and a scoop of the pancake mix was added.

After about a minute or two, the cake was flipped.

See how fine it looks.

I made some marks on the pancake, you don’t have to make it. It looks beautiful though and it could help ensure the pancakes are cooked through.

Flip again for 30 seconds and it’s ready. The timing depends on the thickness of the cakes and heat from the stove.

Serve with Soya Milk. You can serve with any other drink of choice. I tell you, it was nice! Would you try it? What version of Oats Pancakes have you tried recently? Please share 😊 in the comment section. I am so excited! Well done to me. I have been on a roll. A post about rolled oats and I am on a roll. Get it? Oh, my thanks are to God for helping me be consistent. I believe habits learned in one area can be transferred to order areas of a person’s life. So I can begin to transfer consistency and editing to other areas of my life.
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