Remember when someone spoke vile to you?

Have you had anyone say terrible words to you, words so terrible that years later, you can still sense the spoken words?

Hello and welcome to this week’s post. I thought I would pose that question first to get you sensitized about today’s post.

In this time of introspection and maneuvering you probably have more time to think about things that have happened in the past and one of thoughts could be the vile words that were once spoken to you, maybe recently or maybe long long ago.

It’s possible those words were so damaging that your self esteem has been affected by them.

For some people it’s worse when the person speaking to them is someone they hold in high esteem or someone they expected better from.

The words people speak have effects! Sometimes the words linger for so long that you accept them as normal.

Many people walk around, insecure because someone one or so many people have at one time or constantly, yet destructively, told them that they were not enough.

I hope you gain the courage to forgive everyone that has spoken wrongly to you and I hope you heal. The opinion that matters is God’s.

I hope you find yourself more often in spaces and with people that uplift you.

I would like to speak to another side of you though. Who have you spoken awfully to? It’s much easier to think of other people as being vile, but is it possible that you have had some unwholesome talk come out of you?

Are you the reason some people have considered their lives less valuable? Who is that person that is unable to shine fully because of your negative words to them?

While this is a post that I hope helps you heal, I hope it also calls your consciousness to the fact that sometimes you speak unwholesome words and they may make the listener question their existence.

So this week, guide your words and thought.

Heal and be the reason others stay in health.

Find strength to reach out to people who have spoken badly to you and those who you have constantly put down.

Happy New Week. I have you have an insightful and yet healing week.

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4 thoughts on “Remember when someone spoke vile to you?

  1. It is by God’s grace and strength that we forgive those who speak vile against us .especially when it is coming from a loved one.The healing stage is gradual.


  2. This write up today reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Maya Angelou
    “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
    Our words create realities. Are there positive or negative?, do they bring light to snuff it out?
    I choose to speak Life!
    Thank you Quintessential Faith.


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