Happy New Month!

You, yes you reading and the person that comes to mind, will be fine. Just believe.

I feel tired. I feel pressured. I feel exhausted. It’s all these negatives emotions and I don’t know what to do with them. The happening around the world don’t seem to help.

How did my life become filled with so many pains? So many regrets? So may what ifs?

Would it go on this way? Does anything change? Would I continue to lag behind?

How much more must I struggle and try to prove myself? How many more applications till I can’t see my screen any more?

When does my life turn around? What investments have I made in my life that would yield any fruit?

Why does life seem so bleak?

I hear my friends chanting as I am drowning in worry.

It gets better, they say. God is good. “Count your blessings” is the things they say.

I am reminded too that I need not worry about ANYTHING. It means that even all the questions I have pondered are useless. It means that I must learn to rest, trusting in God even when I feel cast down.

What should I do then I wonder? Trust God. Stay with him. It gets better. He alone knows the why and the end from the beginning. Everything is made beautiful in its time.

Trust God. Rest. Everything falls in place.

You will be fine by God’s Grace. Trust. Believe. Even the lawful captive gets delivered.

Happy New Month.

Let the questions fade away and peace replace them.

Despite the present, God truly loves you!

Happy New Month. Go with this belief, ‘God loves me’.

Thank you for reading. One of my blessings is my presence on a new platform! Yes!

Announcement: I HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

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So excited! Thank you!

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Quintessential Faith ❤️

P.S: Wash your hands. Eat healthy. Stay safe and stay home. ❤️

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