Who are you listening for?

Who are you listening for?

It is so interesting that sometimes when I sit in church and listen to a message being taught, I listen for others.

I listen quite alright, but while I listen, I may be thinking about my spouse or siblings or parents or friends who needs to listen to the message and adjust or change their ways.

I understand that sometimes a message is indeed necessary for someone we know to listen to, but sometimes ignorance and self righteousness can prevent us from listening and getting the message for ourself.

Every time I acted this way, I delayed the opportunity for my heart to receive the message and to be healed or changed.

Often when I want to see a change in someone else it is very possible that the change needs start with me. Sometimes this change is a remolding of the heart, development of patience or a willingness and capacity to truly surrender to God and allow him work in the people around me.

Every time you listen to a message, you should, and I would too, yield self to the lessons being thought so that you can became a loving and living message to others.

God loves you.

Thank you for reading.

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Have an exceedingly blessed week!

Quintessential Faith ❤️

4 thoughts on “Who are you listening for?

  1. This is it, so I deliberately made it clear to myself just when I started thinking about so and so who needed to hear, then I know it was actually for me.
    May God deliver us from our self righteousness (filthy rags).


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