Quick veggie noodles

Noodles I wanted. Noodles I had.

Noodles are quick.

They need vegetable to take up their health benefits though. At least that’s what I think.

So here is my quick veggie noodles.


Two Carrots (chopped)

One medium spring onion (chopped)

10 green beans (chopped)

Two cloves of garlic

One pepper

Two cuts of fish (Ice fish)

Two small packs of noodles

Three table spoons of vegetable oil

Method: How to.

I put water in a small pot and put it on the stove. The fish was added in and allowed to cook. Once the fish was done, it was taken out and deboned (sort of, you should properly debone yours though). Then two packs of small size noodles was added to the pot and the seasoning of just one of the noodles was added. The noodles was allowed to cook and once it was done it was poured into a plate.

About three table spoons of vegetable oil was added to the same pot, along with the carrot, spring onions, shredded fish, green beans, garlic and the seasoning of the second pack of noodles.

The mix was stirred and tasted. Two pinches of salt was added and the noodles was reintroduced back into the pot.

The noodles and veggie mix was stirred for about 3 minutes and then served. Smile, food is ready šŸ˜Š.

It was so delicious. You see my bag in the picture. I couldn’t even finish dropping the bag before I ate this delicious noodles.

Is it ordinary noodles you asked?

It’s the quintessential noodles I say. Quintessential quick veggie noodles.

So what do you plan to have for brunch, lunch or dinner today?

Thank you as always for reading.

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Quintessential Faith ā¤ļø

12 thoughts on “Quick veggie noodles

  1. Harvard noodles. Been a minute I had noodles but thanks to you Iā€™m definitely trying this soon


  2. I am just salivating here. I am a foodie…lol. You should try substituting the fish with Asun. OMG! So yummy… Did I mention that I am a foodie? šŸ˜


    1. Asun? Chai. That would be another nice flavor. Someone said he has used Kpomo. That one surprise me. You did šŸ˜€ @ foodie. I have more food posts planned for the coming weeks so stay tuned and please share.


  3. So after reading thru d post, nothing happened? I thought a plate will pop out thru my device’ screen. But dis’s good. Will give it a try.


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