Essentials to have in your bag and frequent spots.

On the couch, outside the office. Someone I know sits beside me. Luckily this someone is a lady. She proceeds to ask me “Do you know your trouser is torn”. (She spoke in Igala, I just translated for you to understand).

I looked at her in shock ‘torn’?

I had to plead with her to bring my office coat, so I could wear it. Fortunately, it was long enough to cover the tear.

I quickly went to the secretary’s office and asked for needle and thread. She had. Thank goodness. So that was good news. Then I found a place to go stitch up.

This made me remember someone who spoke one time at a fashion event I attended, of essentials a woman should have in their bag. This woman had gone for an event with her husband and when they arrived, she found out her zip has ripped apart. It was so bad that she could not attend the event, so only her husband attended. From then on, she decided to always have sewing supplies, the basics at least, with her.

So here I am. Grateful that someone told me, in time, that I needed to sort myself out. I am also grateful the secretary had needle and thread… But I am wondering, what essentials should I have in my bag or at least keep in spots I visit frequently.

Frequent spots for you can be home, office, car or shop.

As at the time of writing this, I haven’t updated my bag with essentials yet but I should. Should the bag determine the essentials used or should the essentials determine the size of bag you should use?

These are some things I think should be in your bag or somewhere in your frequent spots


Note pad

Needle and thread

Lip balm

Phone charger

Biscuit (or other snack).

What else do you think should be on this list?

Did I miss something? What are the essentials you keep or take around?

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26 thoughts on “Essentials to have in your bag and frequent spots.

  1. I always like having my pashmina to cover up wardrobe malfunctions. Ermmm ATM cards are very essential for me o. I don’t like carrying cash. Also earphones for moments I want to tune out


    1. Pashmina would have helped me. I know right ๐Ÿ˜€ donโ€™t know how I didnโ€™t write money in any form. Okay cool. I donโ€™t use ear phones but it would be necessary for anyone who uses it.


  2. Apt. Timely too. In additional to the aforementioned, I’d have also added extra recharge card(but one can easily buy with our bank apps) so we can call especially for emergencies, then ‘Vex Money’. In other words always carry extra cash, my mom says “you never know if you mistakenly fall someone’s tray of goods when you go out, how would you pay for it?”.
    Thank God for the very resourceful secretary.


  3. Very true.
    Other essentials include
    Nail cutter
    Nail file
    Chewing gum/breathmints or tomtom
    Dental floss
    An extra pair of earrings


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