This post is about Mentorship. It is more so about Mentorship from the position of the mentor than the position of the mentee.

There are many messages out there asking people to seek out mentors but very few asking mentors to seek out mentees.

There are quite a number of people with the capacity to teach others but they feel pridefully high and above others, such that they think it’s demeaning to seek out people to help.

I however believe that you do not always have to wait for mentees to come to you, you should also be interested in seeking out people to teach.

God loved us even before we loved him.

Elijah mantle’s would be instrumental in helping his mentee Elisha follow him.

Women in the Bible were told to teach younger ones how to be wives.

Even in the world today, internationally recognized leaders like Damon of Shark Tank organizes Mentorship programs to seek out people to teach.

So what are you doing to seek out others to help?

Do not belittle the increase and knowledge that you presently have.

Find people who are willing to work with you and mentor them through life or specific areas.

So today, here you are, reading a post, asking that you set aside pride, fear and seek out people around you to mentor.

If you would like to mentor someone virtually click the link below.

Click here and fill this form to become a MENTOR.

I also want to give people the opportunity to be mentored.

Click here and fill to become a MENTEE.

As always! Thank you for reading.

Happy New Month!

This month, do not only seek out people you can learn from, look for people who can also learn from you.

If you would like to journal your life or some parts of it, you can start by blogging.

Just click here and you are on your way to writing for yourself or for a select group of people.

Happy New Month, again. Welcome to March!

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Quintessential Faith ❤️

10 thoughts on “Mentorship

  1. This is so pertinent! It’s also interesting how importantly God takes mentoring, Jesus spent most of His time mentoring his disciples during his ministry on earth. Anytime God blesses an individual it’s never just about them, He always wants you to be a blessing to others, it’s almost like succes is hugely defined by the accurate passing on of the baton.


    1. Hmmm! I need to take a moment to take your comment in. The blessings we receive are not just for us! That’s a new way we should measure success. Not just what you have earned but what you have successfully passed on! Thank you for this comment! It has blessed me!


  2. Wow. This is so so simple but apt. It is an aspect of life we are not actively pursuing. I think this is because we have “enlarge” and “complicated” every concept in our time for selfish reasons. We believe mentorship has to take a particular form etc.

    But we must return to the simplicity of mentorship and permit me to add discipleship (which allows disciples to experience day to day life with their discipler). There is indeed no greater force in molding mindsets and building systems that these concepts.

    Thank you Faith for always sharing your thoughts…I think I should learn from you.


  3. I get caught between two thoughts; one is we are in a dispensation where people say mind your business and drink some water. So its a little difficult to penetrate people.
    Second one is the part you highlighted, Older wives should teach the younger ones how to be good wives. During my pre -marriage counseling I realized the woman teaching me was projecting a lot of what she has had to cope with in marriage unto me… Truthfully I mentor those that find in me a mentor, and I ask the Holy Spirt for guardians as we go along.


    1. I know right? 😀 mind your business and drink water. Hmmm. So teaching has to first come from the context of what is expected before it comes from a person personal’s experience. The Holy Spirit is our only and ultimate guide.


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