Love is daily

Love isn’t just feelings love is doing.

True love cannot feel without doing.

So when you think about love today, I hope you think about it beyond today for any feeling that lasts only today and cannot produce results beyond today should be checked.

Do not let the trading of gifts take away from the real essence of love that you should exhibit.

I hope that you learn today to love yourself and love others.

Be kind, be compassionate, be empathetic and do not envy.

I hope you find someone to share a meal with, I hope you do more than listen to the heart cries of the next person, I hope you share a smile. I hope you make the environment conducive for everyone in your sphere to learn and grow, I hope that the love you share, show and receive today does not stop today.

I hope you understand that you should owe no one nothing but love. Today, tomorrow and forever, I pray you learn to share love that is real, the one that does no harm

Love is daily. ❤️

Quintessential Faith ❤️

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