A chance to start and press on.

Happy new month.

How was January 2020? Did you set any goals? Did you hit or miss any goals? What about the month was most interesting for you?

Some people take their time in January, to plan. So for quite a number of people it is not necessarily a month of doing but a month of planning and observing.

How ever your January was, be encouraged. You have another chance to start and also press on to achieve the things you have already started.

Any day is actually a good day to start. There is however the excitement that a new day, new week and new month can bring. We can use this excitement as leverage to propel us into the path we hope to walk and work in.

I hope after reading this post, that you say your prayer, again, sit with your journal and plan your month.

Do not lean on things you feel you have failed at, worrying about it would not be helpful. Instead find the lesson(s) in it(them) and grow from there.

Ultimately, I hope you engage in projects that are not only soothing but ones that would leave blessed marks in history.



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