The value of networks needs to be emphasized. Often we place emphasis on money and while money has its benefits there are benefits that networks brings that can include money and more.

In fact often times what you want is not likely money but the opportunities it affords you. So the opportunity to drive to work in your own car, to own your own house, to travel the world, to meet your customers, to speak your truth and more.

These are all things that networks can provide freely or at subsidized prices. If you have a business that you are trying to introduce to people in a region and you know someone or know someone who knows someone that already has a store in the area, you could possibly use this store as a pop up shop or for a days event to introduce your service or products to people at subsidized rate or for free. The thing is you benefit from spending little to nothing for using that venue and the store owner benefits from having more people become aware of their services and products.

Network has paid off here. In this case for both parties. While you should not build networks only for the benefits they can give financially, you should build them regardless, with people who provide emotional peace.

So this week as you go about your day, think of friends you have ignored and reach out. In some cases the network that you need to help you in the future may seem weak today, so be wise and prayerfully guided as you chose your networks, not just on present or surface value.

Create fun or business groups. Invite people for hang outs. Create valid networks and be a valid member of all the networks you find yourself in.

I hope you build. Enjoy building networks.

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12 thoughts on “Networking

  1. So true. Networking could make all the difference in a business. Sometimes you’d wonder how fast a “new” business has grown. The roots may have been well seated in prior relationships.


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