Support system and relationships

I had brunch with my friend and we discussed support systems.

Look, the people who form your support system, not just the ones you surround yourself with, are important.

You can have people surround you and not have them be your support. I am writing particularly about the people who form your support system.

The ones you confide in, the ones you listen to, the ones that encourage you.

In the year 2019, I know that I would have been completely broken if God hadn’t set helpers and support system ahead of me.

Choose your support system. Align your self with people who can help you and shoulder you. Everyone needs people. No one is sufficient in themselves. It is however God that gives the right counsel.

The other thing we talked about is relationship. See the people you tie yourself to in relationship and marriage would to a large extent determine your spiritual, emotional, financial, academic and career well being. It can even affect your health.

So do not stay in a managed relationship. I am not speaking of marriage here, for the bounds that guide marriage are completely different. Once you have been joined under God to someone it’s a different ball game.

But you see, a relationship should not be endured unnecessarily. You need to find someone that aligns with God and you. If you keep making excuses in a relationship, those excuses may follow you into the marriage and become more obvious.

So do not set yourself up to fail.

Choose your support system and relationships wisely, choose them guided by God.

If these people are not aligned with God you would have unnecessary struggles.

I hope that you have great support system and that you choose relationships that help you thrive rather than drain you.

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24 thoughts on “Support system and relationships

  1. Very true we need to be aware of people who directly and indirectly, Also our relationship make or break us.


  2. This is a good write up. I like the fact that you must always align yourself with God in whatever we are doing. Trust in his process.


  3. I have now learnt this lesson after being in the worst place in my life and the person I thought was “the one” to help me through it was aloof and was at war with me.
    This Topic cannot be over emphasized.
    Thanks Faith for shedding some light on this.


  4. I have always thought you build your support system based on those around you but I have learnt that you need God to build a support system. What a great lesson. Thank you


  5. The core of every life is your support base , and to thrive well you need a good support system . Thanks for directing us to the the best support system one can have which is God.


  6. It’s important for those around you to align with your conviction and are able to stirr and encourage you more towards improvement. Yeah staying in a relationship that you have to keep making execuses sounds pretty dangerous.

    Thanks for sharing.


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