New year resolution

Lights are so beautiful. They do not only illuminate, they also beautify. In addition, light gives us opportunity to see the dirts, things that are out of place so we can clear the space and have clarity.

The picture above is beautiful. What plans to you have for a beautiful 2020?

New year resolution?

Some people would be making their own resolution, some would have already made their own and some may not care for it.

Many people feel it’s needed and others feel it’s a waste of time because apparently so many people make them and do not follow through.

I do not have obviously written resolutions but I know in my spirit the things I am resolving to do and work on and I plan to write them. They may not have the title new year resolution when written but they would be guide and reminders of things I need to do. Essentially there are things I already started or desires to do and I want to follow through.

I hope you have plans for yourself. If you have to make new year resolutions please by all means make them, do not allow the trend of not setting affect you. Sometimes a person would have to continuously set a resolution before they finally follow through. So do what you have to do. Set a resolution if you have to.

Making resolutions is good but even better is keeping them.

If you feel you don’t have a resolution, I hope you are still able to put in your best. Invest in yourself and others.

Whether you make a resolution or not, become your best self yet.

And learn to write down your plans.

Journal your way through the year.

Resolve to be better all around.

Quintessential Faith ❤️

22 thoughts on “New year resolution

  1. I normally do not make new year resolutions but I always have definite plans for each year. Sometimes yet-to-be-realized-plans of the previous year are brought-forward (where necessary) and some adjustments made to the implementation (working-out) process…for a better outcome.


  2. I do make new year resolutions and definite plans for the new year after a review of the previous year with the intentions of taking up new and good habits, and improving on the last year


  3. I never used to bother about new years, talk less of resolutions, until recently. Now I sometimes make new resolutions and other times I bring forward past resolutions I havent concluded.


  4. Good one… in whatever you do resolution or not have a plan for the year. Dont live plan-less, ko da beey


  5. I have a plan-love God and my family more than ever. Service in everything I do this year. Kinda like my year of humility training. I hope to follow through.


  6. Someone said, “if you fail to plan, you are automatically planning to fail”.
    It is also possible to make a plan but fail to follow through. Having a plan is good and following through the plan is great.


  7. Great piece,
    I think resolutions are not in themselves, usually th challenge of not following through or setting targets like holding a wisp of smoke has a way of demoralizing many hence the reason for the negativity around it.
    Whatever the term around it, resolution, target, goals, year marks… Commitment decides a lot of the outcome.


  8. I found out a while ago that the best way not to fail on my New Year Resolutions is not to make any! I have written an article recently about this titled ‘Why New Year Resolutions are Doomed to Fail’ – ,’ – Feel free to check it out!


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