Merry Christmas

Christmas! The day we set aside to remember the greatest gift given to mankind.

As I sat in Church on the 22nd or December listening to Elder Tomi give an exhortation of the day that gave us the opportunity to celebrate, I am reminded of the high price of my salvation.

Here I am, barbecue on my mind, hangouts to to indulge on my mind, end of the year bonus, holiday travel, rice, drinks and meat also on my minds. But the first Christmas was not this dramatic and perhaps the festivity for that Christmas happened more in heaven than it did on earth.

For the gift of Christmas, the gift of God didn’t get the arrival that many children regularly get. He was born in a manger.

Humility was always at the Centre of Christ and so was focus. His life was so purposeful that he wasn’t carried away by frivolities. The things that seem to matter to my earthly mind, do not really matter. In fact the gifts under the Christmas tree would fade away, depreciate or lose value.

…But you see the gift of Salvation, once you receive it, you have gotten a gift that is eternal. It’s a gift no man can steal away from you unless you choose to relinquish it.

As you celebrate, think about how the first Christmas was. Think about the day that gave you the opportunity to jubilate. Do not lose the essence of the Christmas.

I hope you pray for many people today. I hope that as you plan your holiday and future that you plan it with eternity in mind. I hope that as you eat and drink, you remember that the feast that is most important is the feast in heaven and I hope and pray that you think of the people who need Christmas and who need to be taken care of.

Share Christ, share love, share festivities this Christmas.

Jesus loves me.

He loves you.

No gift compares to him.

Merry Christmas to you.

Faith, with ❤️

Ps: I hope you get to take out sometime to pray, fast and plan for the new year.

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