Enabling environment 🍃

Enabling environment

Does it matter? Where I live? Where I grow? Where I work? Where I school?

Does it matter? The environment I create for those beneath me? For those I lead? For those who depend on me? Does it matter?

The environment a seed is planted in matters. We know that if a soil isn’t suitable to a plant it won’t flourish. We also know that if the weather conditions aren’t favorable to a specie of plant, it won’t thrive in the region.

So does it matter?

It does. It matters. We need to be planted in places where we can thrive and grow and flourish. Otherwise we would waste and wither away.

We need to create enabling environment for those around us because as they flourish we can. As those beneath us rise, they can help elevate us and we can know that we have added value to the people around us.

It is my hope that when you have the choice, that you choose an environment where you can flourish and that you don’t settle.

It is also my hope that for those in leadership positions big or small that you create an environment where the people with and beneath you can thrive.

If everyone in your life was to answer anonymously about you and the impact you have made in their life, would they say that you have positively influenced them? Would they opt to change the person at the helm of affairs in their life.

Choose enabling environment.

Create enabling environment.

It matters.

Happy New Month!

It’s my season to FLOURISH ❤️

Quintessential Faith

2 thoughts on “Enabling environment 🍃

  1. Great post. So true. I was very dissatisfied in my childhood with elementary school and later with high-school because I was forced in wrong environments until I became little bit more independent to choose my own environments and choices.


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