Virtual and real: The company I keep.


We rub off on people. They rub off on us.

I am, partly who I am because of the people that have influenced me and more appropriately that I have allowed influence me.

Making conscious effort in choosing the company I keep, especially virtually is something I try to work on.

Editing our lives is something we must do. Taking stock of our relations so that we can add value and see where we are being devalued is something we must do.

Oh and don’t deceive yourself about being so strong willed that you won’t be negatively influenced by wrong companies.

…take heed.

So in this world of social media, where it’s probably easier to be influenced by a person thousand miles away, as compared to your siblings who sleep next door or even your spouse, I advice you as I advice myself ‘take stock’ of your real and virtual company this week.

10 years from now the person I would be, would largely be due to the influences I have allowed in my life and the same would be true for you.

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