My time off social media

I took some time off social media.

Un hu. Yes. That’s possible in this internet age.

The ones I was particularly away from was Instagram and Facebook.

Being a visual creative, I enjoy being on Instagram as it gives me the opportunity to share stuff I get involved in and also appreciate the creative side of other people.

The decision to take time off came after I noticed one of the persons I admire (Jackie Hill Perry) and follow on Instagram had basically taken the whole of December 2018 off Instagram. I decided it was something I needed to do, having noticed I spend more time than necessary on the app daily and so I stayed away from Instagram and Facebook for the most part (3weeks plus) of January.

You have probably heard the rule that if you want to learn a new habit, you should repeat the said habit for 21 days. I think that paid off here.

I no longer had the itchy urge and feeling to quickly run to Instagram. I found that I could more than happily go through my day and be fulfilled and in-fact genuinely not have extra time to be on these social media platforms.

Being away was a form of detox, especially for my mind. I gave myself opportunity to rest my mind and perhaps eyes and gain some clarity. You probably hear detox and fasting more when it comes to food and drink but I believe we can engage in a form of detox and fast that includes activities we find ourselves too often engaged in that are probably not beneficial.

Being away from stuff you are addicted to often gives a degree of exposure or clarity should I say. You begin to see some areas of yourself as you are, no where to hide. So while I gained peace and clarity, I also realized some fears that I have. Basically allowing myself to be bare to myself allowed me see areas that I am afraid of making a move or change in my life. It’s allowing me question those fears, look for solutions and pray about them.

So heads up, when you move away from something you engage in daily, you may realize positives but you may come across some fears. Don’t panic. These fears were probably there the whole time and taking a step back, gives you the opportunity to realize them and work on them. I am praying and working on mine.

Detoxing the mind also gives you the opportunity to put your energy, love and skills into those things that truly matter to you. You may be reading this post in February or September but any time is a good time to detox. It does not have to be beginning or end of the year, anytime is a good time to renew your mind.

While deleting an app or having someone change your password or having an accountability partner or sinking yourself into other habits are ways to avoid old habits, they may not be sufficient in themselves. They are good back up solutions but a good place to start a detox decision is with the mind. Determine in your mind that you want to do this and that you can do this. You can then go ahead and back up this decision with helpful aids, like getting a friend to hold you accountable or deleting an app or even noting how much money you save by reducing the amount you spend on data.

So. Have you ever taken time off social media? Or had another form of detox? How long did you detox for and what did you learn?

Thank you for patiently waiting for me to resume blogging. I am happy you came to read my post and I am hopeful that it would make you a more effective person.

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And Happy New Month

Welcome to February

May it be your best month yet.

Your feature blogger,

Quintessential Faith 🌹

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4 thoughts on “My time off social media

  1. I have always procastinated that I will take some time off social media, now I am encouraged to just do it!


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