Avocado, carrot and groundnut smoothie

It’s smoothie season here in QF world.

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My jar of smoothie
My jar of smoothie


Three small carrots (or two average size ones)

One medium size Avocado

Groundnut (about two tablespoons)

Ingredients for smoothie: Avocado, carrot and groundnut
Ingredients for smoothie: Avocado, carrot and groundnut

How to:

Remove the flesh of a medium avocado pear and put it in a blender or smoothie maker.

Then clean your carrots properly. I would usually scrape the back and then wash it. After that, grate it, so that the smoothie would have a smooth rather than grainy texture.

Add the grated carrot to the avocado in the smoothie maker then add the groundnut and 100mls of water. It, the water,,could be more depending on the strength of your blender and the texture of the smoothie you want.

Then blend away until it’s the consistency you want. Pour into your jar or cup and enjoy.

Remember to make extra. You family would want a taste of it too.

I like discussing and exploring healthy yet simple versions of food. What about you? What foods have you tried recently? Are you a smoothie person? What’s your best smoothie? Let’s talk in the comment section below.

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