Who I am and why I am here

Quintessential Faith
Quintessential Faith: Faith and lifestyle blog

Identity is something we all find necessary to confirm from time to time. We like to know what tribe we belong to. What name to go by. What qualities people think of when our names come up and so on.

Purpose is something that we usually come to realize that we want to achieve or know, for often purpose would order the course of our lives or projects or program.

I started my blog because I wanted to document my hobbies and life lessons. So some of the things I like to do are DIY. The idea of making simple customizations to items that makes them personalized is something I enjoy.

The good AM mug is one of the projects I did. Other DIY projects include a door sign, and ankara fabric purse. By the way, the door sign was done in July 2014 and it still ‘stands’ today. One of the major DIY projects I did was my home’s wall Art Deco made with wood and spray paint. You should totally check it out.

Wall Art Deco
The making of my wall Art Deco

I still have the wall Deco hanging in my sitting room.

Food and drinks is another element you can see featured on my blog.

Homemade honey popcorn cereal
Homemade honey popcorn cereal cereal

Note: I used to host my blog on the blogger platform, hence the watermark labels you may see on some of my pictures.

Some of my culinary experiences that I have posted include my home grilled fish, Nigerian cray fish and suya stir fry, yam fritters, gizzard vegetable sauce, pepper and onion chutney, and homemade honey popcorn cereal. You can type food or drinks or smoothie in the search bar on my blog to find more related items. You should subscribe so you don’t miss out on new and often simple food experiences.

Gizzard vegetable sauce
The making of gizzard vegetable sauce

My faith is also very important to me and so I like to stay motivated and motivate others as I go along and learn along. Some of my faith based and inspirational posts are in the deep, a story of supernatural delivery, guarding the past, Easter the reason I am and more.

Some times a friend may get the opportunity to be featured here.

Every now and then I feature fashion related posts. I try to wear and encourage the wearing of clothes that encourage modest and classy looks.

My posts also often includes articles that encourages us to eat right, have the right mind set and exercise.

As I write these things they are also reminders to me, to stir myself in the right direction.

My name is Faith, I love God and I like the simplicities of life.

To follow me on my journey as I learn and grow, please subscribe, so you don’t miss a thing. Enter your email in the space provided below.

I am happy to have you here and I don’t take it for granted that you are taking out time to check out my blog.

I hope you enjoy your time here and that you get to share with friends and family.

It’s my pleasure and privilege to write and for us all to read and grow.

Quintessential Faith
Quintessential Faith

Remember to like this post and also comment. What is your core identity? Who are you? Let us know in the comment section.

Quintessential Faith 🌹

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