‘You lie too, don’t you? ‘


It can sometimes be the defense a frequent liars tells them self. They think everyone lies and so it’s okay for them to tell a tale a little different or very different from the truth.

One of the problems with an attitude like this is that because we often see the world through our perspective, the frequent liar thinks everyone he speaks to is also giving a false or exaggerated scenario. So they never really listen to what you are saying. They hear, but they don’t listen. They pick what they want and they run with it. This means often times when you are done talking to a frequent miles liar they would go on and do what they think or believe they actually heard you say as against what you said. So they in essence create a twisted reality.

‘I was just trying to make everything better and everyone happy’.

That’s what the lies says to the liar. So they believe they are doing greater good to all involved because after all they were protecting Mr A from Mr B and probably vice versa. In reality, lies makes you selfish because you are not protecting A or B, you just want they to both have twisted notions while you ‘eat your cake and have it’. That’s usually almost impossible though. You can’t eat your cake and have it and soon you are found out. If this is something you struggle with, I invite you to read about the person struggling to be liked by all.

You can’t ever truly build a genuine business, friendship or relationship with lies. It’s like building a house on sand as compared to rocks. When the wind comes, it blows away and you are left with pieces, pieces sometimes too broken to repair.

Maybe you saw your father or mother or siblings or relatives lie frequently and they are your heroes and so you have the misguided notion that a lie can take you far. If you peel back the layers of the life of your lying hero, you would see the cracks that exist, because of their lies. You cannot find peace or genuine happiness at the end of lies.

Eventually you become known for your reputation of being a liar and every-time you speak people begin to filter your words in their mind because at the back of their minds they now know you don’t have the capacity to tell the truth. Integrity and reputation are then muddled up!

You would then find yourself always trying to justify your story, when you actually get to tell the truth. It becomes harder then to create new perspective.

It’s however better to stop now. Stop the lies. Even the ‘small’ lies.

Ask yourself, why do I lie a lot? For often the solution lies with our why.

It may be because of a complex problem or ego or fear or something else. Whatever the reason though, you can turn a new leaf and stop justifying you lies with different excuses.

When your name is called and the scale of lies and truth are brought, where do you usually tip the scale to?

Check yourself.

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Quintessential Faith 🌹

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