Faith without works = Death

Many times some of us sit around and wait for blessings to drop on our laps.


We find a way of justifying laziness. We claim we have received a word and sit and do nothing about the word we get. (Except if the word you got required that you sit and do nothing). We don’t even as much as ask God what he wants us to do about the word. We expect that things would just line up for us. We think we are better than the next person and we are more eligible to be blessed than the next person and so we go about being lazy and dragging other people along with you.


Lets remember, there is a reason why we are told that God blesses the work of our hands. We should be doing something.


Oh but make no mistake, works cannot trivialize or take the place of Faith. It’s God that gives us even the grace and ability to work and produce profitably from our works.


So this is not a post justifying you working tirelessly without believing, for in the absence of God, failure is evident.


So by all means, have Faith, we all need it, but add works to your faith.


Don’t sit around waiting for the tree to become a chair, just for YOU! God loves us all!


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