The Efuntoye Baby


Something we all need.

We experience grace in different areas of our life, in fact (in truth) we need the grace of God for all areas of our life.

Any woman who has gone to the delivery room and come out with her bundle of joy becomes even more aware of the grace of God upon their life.

Thanks be to God that the Efuntoye got to experience the grace of God in their pregnancy and delivery journey. Our baby is here.

Jumai and Deji
Jumai and Deji

I am so happy and excited to feature the good news of the delivery and naming of the Efuntoye baby.

You see, during their (Jumai and Deji’s) wedding, last year in November, I had the privilege of being in attendance and I really enjoyed being a part of their day. If you didn’t get so see pictures of their wedding, you can check it out here (white wedding) and here (traditional wedding).

I was happily dancing at their wedding. At the time I didn’t know but something blessed was happening in me, God’s gift (Elnathan) to my family was cooking up in me. Maybe one day I would write that story in full. Their union is also extra special to me because my son shares one name with Jumai. His name is Kedonojo and her name is also Kedonojo.

Jumai had mixed emotions when she found out she was pregnant. She felt grateful for the gift of a baby but she was scared of the huge responsibility of parenting. The new Mommy did not hesitate to find out the gender of her baby once she knew it was medically possible, the right gestational age. She was curious to know the gender and Jumai was excited when she found out she was going to have a baby girl as she has always wanted a girl as her first child.

To expectant parents, Jumai has this to say: Children are heritage from the Lord, let’s remember He’s just making us temporary custodians for a path He has mapped out for them and trust God to help us make Him proud.

Congratulations to you Dr and Dr(Mrs) Efuntoye. I pray you have many more blessed seasons of rejoicing in your family in Jesus Christ name! Amen! May Toluwalogo Chubiyojo be taught of by the most high God and may great be her peace in Jesus Christ name! Amen!

To my readers, it’s a privilege to have you here. Remember to subscribe to my blog, follow my blog, like the post and comment below the blessings you have received in 2018. Let’s share in your joy.

Toluwalogo Chubiyojo Erioluwa Ojo-nojima Jemima
Toluwalogo Chubiyojo Erioluwa Ojo-nojima Jemima

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