Hello you,

H A P P Y 🌹S U N D A Y

How are you today?

What drink have you had today? Water? Fizzy something?

On the list of things that make me happy and can brighten my day? Smoothie.

And I am not just talking fruit smoothies. I am a fan of fruits and vegetables blend smoothies.

Blend of smoothie
Blend of smoothie

I like the idea of smoothie for a number of reasons. It generally promotes healthy drinking. I also like that you can mix and blend a range of often healthy and even organic items.

Sometimes it can feel like you are having ice cream, without the guilt of unhealthy indulgence. Besides it’s food in liquid form, so it’s relatively easy for people of all age to consume and the body to readily find it easy to utilize, since it’s in liquid or semi-solid form when consumed.

The health benefits of the smoothie you take depends on the elements you add into it.

Some of my favorite items to add to a smoothie are:






Banana (mostly for the thickness and lux feeling it gives the smoothie).

I enjoy the taste of smoothie and I like the idea of knowing that I am properly fueling my body.

I don’t do smoothie or healthy eating as often as I would like to, but I am making a mental note to consciously improve on that. You should too.

Try and replace fizzy drinks with water and natural drinks like zobo and also smoothies. The more natural foods we ingest as compared to processed foods, the more likely we are to build on our immune system and live healthier lives.

Have you had your vegetable and fruit servings for the day?

Below are links to some of my smoothie posts that can give you an idea of what smoothie to make soon.




I hope you enjoy trying them out.

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Thank you.

Quintessential Faith 🌹

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