Music food for the soul

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Fullness by The messenger
Fullness by The messenger

There is something unique about music. Every form of communication has its uniqueness. You may find something in verbal talking that you may not find in poetry and something in poetry that you may not find in music.

I find though that music is something many souls can relate to.

..Because they are different genres of music you may be able to find a song to keep you company through different seasons in your life.

What seasons are you currently going through?

A happy one? Happy people I feel often listen to songs that evoke dancing or ones that can just make you nod and smile and close your eyes and bask in the goodness of a rather quiet song.

Happy seasons are good seasons. If you are in one, I encourage you to bask in it and enjoy it. Let the people around you also enjoy your happiness, let it influence the people around you for good.

If you are in a trying season, I encourage you to ask your friends to send you soul lifting music, ones that encourage and also listen to happy songs, it would lighten your mood and set you up to receive good things. Additionally you can read up on the bee that stung the caterpillar to help ease your burden.

Today on my blog, I have the privilege of featuring a song by a young musician.

Iliya Emmanuel Baba is a nurse by profession he is however passionate about music, sound and ministry to teenagers. He is also a gospel artiste/musician and he goes by the stage name ‘The messenger’. The messenger says music found him after he gave his life to Jesus Christ. He just released his second song, Fullness.

His first song is titled ‘taking over’ ft prime-X and it can be found on kingdom boiz website.

To listen to the song he just released click here.

The song is titled Fullness.

Download it and enjoy.

Fullness by The messenger.
Fullness by The messenger

Thank God for his gifts and thanks to

Iliya for sharing this song with us.

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Thank you.

Quintessential Faith 🌹

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