U N I N T E N D E D PressurE




Happy new week. I like the me that I becoming. I am learning to be calm and happy and joyful despite the actions or in-actions of the next person. I am also learning that I am truly only responsible for my own words, thoughts and deeds and so I don’t get bitter anymore when people around me act otherwise, even after giving my best to help them. Because that’s all we can do anyways, give our best, it’s left for God and the person to bring about true transformation. What new thing have you discovered about yourself that has made you happy or better, at work, home, school or within social circles?


Now on the topic of unintended pressure, A friend of mine recently had a miscarriage and she was gracious enough to decide to share her story through my blog, to read up on this, click the link in my bio. (www.quintessentialfaith.wordpress.com).


And because of this post I had a conversation with a male friend of mine and realized that people go through different burdens and if you are not careful or nice enough you can add to three burden. Sometimes we make comments that we don’t know could cause unintended pressures on the hearer. Sometimes it’s the manner in which it is spoken. ‘Ah ah you never carry belle’, ‘ ha my brother this your car done too old na’ ‘ that’s the school you are comfortable sending your child to?’ ‘Are you telling me you don’t travel for holidays?’ ‘This your hair na wa na, stop being stingy on yourself, change it’.


And while these questions may be asked innocently or as joke or just genuine concern, they may result in the hearer feeling less than valid because they don’t meet up or conform. So as you go about this week, do your best to filter your words in your heart and head before speaking it out. This is to avoid being the reason a person feels less worthy.


If you are going through any loss that is resulting in you bearing unintended pressuresthen you should read this.

Be kind.

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