R E S E N T M E N T and R E G R E T

Caterpillar: Oh this resentment and regret I feel.

Butterfly: You need to let go of this resentment and regret that you have.

Caterpillar: Oh but that is easy for you to say my dear. You don’t know the magnitude and the frequency of times Bee has stung me.

Butterfly: Have you told Bee the different places you got stung?

Caterpillar: oh yes I have. I went as far as explaining and showing Bee the effect the stings had on me and how I couldn’t walk and work as much because of the stings.

Butterfly: Ah ha. That’s nice conversations can sometimes help odd feelings.

Caterpillar: It didn’t help o. Bee apologized for two of the stings. For the other offenses she said I needed to grow up and let go and she also said she thought I had offended her in my own ways in the past too. So she was not going to apologize for everything.

Butterfly: So the two apologies is a start then?

Caterpillar: Do you know how many times she has stung me? Look at me. Don’t act like you can’t see the effect yourself. I have over 15 stings from her and some are more painful than others. I CANNOT WALK OR WORK LIKE THIS. The stings have affected my confidence and ability to blossom like you. I can hardly provide for myself and yet you think the response I got is a valid start?

Butterfly: I did not say valid. However it is in fact a start. It may very well be the end though.

Caterpillar: What do you mean by the end? Are you saying I may never get fully unreserved apology?

Butterfly: That right. You may never get more apology than you have been given. The apology you have received could be withdrawn. Some healing may even need Bee to listen to you many more times and she may need to be involved in the healing process, but she could refuse to be part of the process and think that a one off discussion or apology or perhaps none at all should be good enough for you.

Caterpillar: That’s just cruel! Bee needs to be eliminated. How do I move on with my life now without the healing that comes from forgiving her? It’s soooooo painful! You have no idea.

Butterfly: I can evidently see that the bee has done you bad. I however know that inspite of the actions or inactions of the bee, you could be further along in your blossoming journey if you chose to heal.

Caterpillar: Choose to heal? Are you listening to me at all? How? Can I heal without the right apology? In fact I regret the relationship and friendship I have with bee. I resent her so much because I gave so much to her and this is what I get? I could have used my time and abilities for more rather than waste it on being loyal to her.

Butterfly: healing depends on YOU forgiving and going through the process, perhaps by yourself, to let go.


Butterfly: Do you know that resentment and regret can turn to anger and anger burns within you, not necessarily the person you are offended with.

Caterpillar: Hmmm

Butterfly: See something the Bible says

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭17:22‬ ‭NIV‬‬

You could blossom a lot faster my friend, if you learnt to forgive and heal and become merry instead of resentful against the bee. You need to take back the power that you have psychologically and emotionally handed over to bee so that you can become happy and merry, regardless of what the bee does. As you can see, merriness is good, even for the health.

Caterpillar: I see your point. I could be further along my blossoming journey. The energy and nutrients I need to blossom I have spent on anger, resentment and regret, forgetting that in any case, forgiveness is a choice. After all it’s possible that bee could ask for forgiveness and I may still not be willing to give it.

Butterfly: you are beginning to get my drift. Choose to forgive, regardless of if you feel the other person deserves it or not. It helps you not to build up toxic elements psychologically, emotionally and even physically.

And the more healthy the elements we have, the more healthy we can grow.

See, in some cases, our forgiveness can even help the offender turn a new leaf.

Trust me, by forgiving you would loose nothing.

Caterpillar: I forgive bee. * I can already feel lighter and brighter, I guess I am blossoming*

Thank you butterfly.

Butterfly: you are welcome. I am pleased that I could be of help.

🐝 🐛 🦋

I hope in this new month you learn to let go of hurt, anger, resentments and regrets. I hope you can forgive and heal and grow.

It’s a beautiful new month.


Be positive. Be merry.

Happy New Month

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria 🇳🇬

Have a fabulous week and Month people.

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Quintessential Faith 😊🌹

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14 thoughts on “R E S E N T M E N T and R E G R E T

  1. I like the narrative. The folkloric style is appealing and makes the central message relatable.


  2. Simply amazing write up. Easy to comprehend and a balm to an unforgiving heart. Forgiveness heals the soul


  3. A nice reminder about forgiveness. Hurt can easily get us carried away suffering ourselves.


  4. If we must reflect God’s glory and character, we don’t have a choice but to forgive and let go. Great piece.


  5. Nice write up with a deep message. A heart (or person) that refuses to forgive hurts much more than the one to be forgiven.


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