Practice your passion and be consistent

… Even the best lose their passion without practice.

Practice your passion. Be consistent.
Practice. Be consistent.

Have you found that you like or are good at certain activities or talents or skills or passions and yet they don’t seem to produce the effect or outcome in your life or the lives of those you hope they would impact?

No matter how talented or passionate you are, I am actively learning that it would make little to no effect, if you don’t practice and consistently effect that things you need to do.

So you can’t pray once or twice a week or worship when you feel like or save money once in a while or carry out sales activities once in a while or check up on the that friend only when you ‘feel’ like and hope for the best outcomes of all these situations.

Feelings can misguide us. So what you need more than feeling is not just passion but practice and consistency. What you need is purpose. Know and remember the reason you exist. Why are you? What is your existence about?

Let your purpose lead you to your passion. Let your purpose aid you to know what you should be passionate about. So everything you do, the job you work at, the hobbies you indulge in, the food you eat and even clothes you wear should work together to make sure you are fulfilling not passion but purpose.

Let your passion follow your purpose and not just you following your passion.

You can be talented and skilled in many ways and be a very passionate person, but if you don’t practice and consistently put out your passion and purpose, you would remain stagnate or backward instead of progressing.

Change your ‘I’ll try’ to I will’.

Make even if it’s seemingly little changes, consistently and continuously every day to fulfill the purpose God has called you to.

Confer always with God as you walk and work towards your purpose in God.

He is the author.

You need him.

Practice your passion.

Be consistent.

I will work at practicing and being consistent in developing every area of my life but most importantly doing all I should to fulfill purpose in God in Jesus Christ name! Amen!

Thank you for reading.

It’s always a joy to have you read my posts.

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