Networking and destiny helpers

You have probably heard the saying before that, no man is an island of his own. This is usually used to remind people that they need the presence, support and help of other human beings to survive and thrive in this life.

You may have also heard people say that, I made it on my own. While this may be the fact to some extent, it may not be completely true. A self made person may really believe they made it on their own but in reality, they had some help.

Perhaps you are now a renowned fashion retailer and didn’t have much of the support from your family members that you hoped to have in your early days of success and so now that you have arrived, you tag yourself self made. They may have been someone you had to borrow money from and yes, you probably have returned all the money back even with interest, yet, believe it or not that person contributed to your success. Maybe you had to work hours as a waiter or waitress in some restaurant to gather enough money to buy the supplies you eventually started selling, that restaurant and the people who started and ran it are also part of your success story. You may have even slept in your car for days, but the man who invented and sold the car and the engineers and mechanics responsible for the workings of the car and fueling of it, have played roles in your success story. What about the supposed free electricity supply you used while perching at your friend’s? Paid for by someone and even if that someone was you, it was provided for by an electrical company.

As humans we need each other and often the network of people around us can help us up in life, stagnate us or help pull us down. While it is true that the people who are consciously involved in your life may influence it to a large extent than strangers, it is still possible that people you hardly interact with or strangers may be the ones that give you a word or action that spurs you on to acheiving purpose in life.

Pray that God connects you with your destiny helpers that would help you fulfil God’s purpose in life. They may be people already in your circle or not. They may be people that society looks down on or looks up to. It may just even be a word they say that would urge you on the journey you were placed on this earth to make.

It’s almost weekend, it’s a good time to reflect on the week and ask that as you move close to another week, that God leads the path of your life and that you come across people who help you fulfil your God ordained purpose. I think it would be great that you also pray and seek out to be destiny helpers to other people too.

Value and take stock of the network around you and also be sensitive and appreciative of the everyday people you come across.

Happy Thursday 😊

I hope you have a great day.

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