Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day from Quintessential Faith

Happy Mother’s Day.

Celebrating womanhood and Mothers I think is a very worthy cause and course. On the one hand it gives us an opportunity to celebrate all the efforts the women in our lives put into making sure that everyone around them is properly molded. The girl child is often taught to take care of her home from an early age and taught how to speak in public. When she becomes a woman she is expected to take up a husband and shoulder more than half of the burden in the house. Usually if the home turns out alright, the husband is praised but if it turns out wrong the woman is scorned. This concept is rather confusing to me.

Mother’s Day I feel while it’s celebratory, probably also reminds the woman to bear more burden because it’s often a celebration of her because of the load she carries. I thought we were expected to love others as we love ourselves but it would seem the woman is to love others more than herself. The natural expectation is that she should feed her husband, kids, siblings, parents and in laws and then eat last, because if she does other wise she may have been thought of as uncaring. It’s okay for the male child to reach for the stars no matter how high it is but the girl child should only reach for whatever hanging stars she finds after servicing every other person.

I often think the feminism movement has gone too far and sometimes it seems one sided, but on a day like this, you sort of remember why perhaps the movement even started. For today women are expected to be financial contributors to their homes and still be the slaves. Men are supposed to be providers but it’s usually okay for them to provide at their limit and the mother is expected to turn it to gold. While today is Mother’s Day, I invite everyone to take inventory and stock of their lives. Men and women alike. Ask yourselves if you are really fulfilling your roles fairly, in comparison to your partner. Ask yourself also what kind of children you are raising.

To be fair to the men of today, they were probably not given the opportunity to practice their roles as much as we women were given the opportunity from childhood. Mostly a boy is told to be a man. What does that even mean? As he grows up, he learns to figure it out by watching society and before you know it, we have so many men who go to work morning to night, bringing home whatever they can and expecting their wives to serve them above and beyond their provision. Quite a number may not seat at the table to teach the children home work but they expect the child to excel. It would seem for them, their duty is to donate sperm for the child to be born, provide money and then claim victory whenever the child does well. I don’t blame it all on them, but there needs to be a shift in dynamics.

As we celebrate mother’s days let’s remember that being a mother shouldn’t be a death sentence. So men learn to shoulder more responsibility and women be willing to ask for help. The man should love as Christ loves the Church, that means even when your wife is not worth it and the woman should be willing to submit. Before you go pointing out the woman’s role quickly, let me remind you that Christ loved the church before the church loved Him and he loved the church even when it was filthy. Teach you girls and boys to have self worth.

Teach your son not to be ‘an entitled man’ but practically how to be a contributor to the home and society. Let them both learn the value of helping inside the house and outside the house. Women, you only have this one life to live to please God and to fulfil purpose, remember you cannot pour out of an empty or drained cup. Take out time to enjoy your yourself more often than you do. Mothers, I want you to note that you are more appreciated than words can say. I want you to know that it’s okay to go to the spa, hang out with your friends and take breaks. No one has called you to be superhuman or superwoman, just perform your duties within the limits God expects, love your neighbors AS yourself. I hope that as you take time to relax today, you think of more innovative ways to raise boys and girls that are both effective contributors to life.

Woman, you are special.

Woman, you are worth Peace.

Happy Mothers Day.

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